About Us

Principal Consultant: Ian Garmaise - Broad experience in design and management of various products, including embedded, web and mobile projects in several industries, including real estate and physical security.

Entrepreneurial experience: founder or employee of several startup companies, as well as consultancy work with small businesses. Hands-on experience in software development using Javascript, SQL, C, and other languages.

Hardware experience includes industrial communications, system integration, board design, and debugging. Devops experience with Virtualbox, Linux, cloud server configuration.

Recent certifications in Human-Centered Design, Prototyping, and Venture Capital.

Projects designed from scratch: pioneering internet-based video surveillance system, early touchscreen kiosk, card access control system.

Projects contributed to in various capacities: gesture recognition system for mobile platform, AI-based decision making tool, point of sale system, dispatching system for real estate inspection.